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Monday, February 13, 2017

LakeWater Creative LifeStyle Shoppe
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 LakeWater Creative LifeStyle Shoppe 

Hello! ... We have launched the new updates for Websites of with the addition of the New Pinterest and Instagram additions. Starting in April with updates to LakeWater LifeStyle Shoppe there will be Online Social Media Shopping sites and Online Shopping Buttons for all our wares for your convenience right at your fingertips. You will be able to order your favorite things and Coffee right from your phone or computer. We will ship to you with your favorite methods and you do not need to drive to the shop to see the latest trends and additional art.

We all have busy lives and love to spend all the time we can on the lake... Also with the way the lake is so spread out in so many directions... sometimes it is not too convenient to just stop by... We understand, heard you and are adding new features to help you shop local and get those unique things you wish to have. I , as the shop owner, sometimes wish to stay on the lake on beautiful perfect days as well, this way you always have access to what you wish to have or acquire form our stock. We also will have more time to search the countryside for amazing finds and coastal products which you only can get if you drive to the coast... Its so much fun going to the white sands of the Gulf.. but it is also very nice to have it delivered right to your door... Soooo, call us if you have a great idea or a need and we will do our best to acquire the elements of your special design idea. Looking forward to having fun with this idea and we hope you will as well!

Thank you for a very fun first year for the store, and thank you for your continued patronage and friendship!
Sincerely, Barbara* / 256.615.9083 / Facebook: LakeWater Creative LifeStyle Shoppe