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Facebook New Timeline as Creative Layout

We love working with the new Facebook Timeline format. Going with the new 2012 design trend of simple, clean and larger photos, this feature definitely allows the business pages to look like a professional website landing page. we love the sections that can be enlarged for importance and then reduced for later to allow the highlighted subject of the day to be changed at will. this feature is in the top right corner of each post block. Some of our clients and Friends are working on new creative ways to present their posts so that the viewers have more to look at and engage with on comments. There is a recent trend showing in the last weeks by friends and their motivational sayings block posts. Nice to enter into Facebook each morning with a devotional or an uplifting saying to start the day! what are you going to add to your site in the next few weeks to get your photos and comments out there to your friends... Share with us, we would be happy to share your content on our public FB sit…