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Coastal Fine Living as a Social Network

Seaside, Florida Blue Porch by Barbara*
Image Whisperer for Social Marketing Fine Coastal Living starts with a breezy summer cool place and lots of Friends. It is easy to connect to the events and the great places to hang out when you have theme'd sites that interact with the people of the region.
Find samples onwww.lakewatermagazine.webs.comand LakeWaterMedia on!/Do you have a Coastal place where your friends gather... or an online fine living coastal social media network? Post your photos and stories here! Barbara* Look Below for the Tips and Twanks of the Week! Enjoy! Barbara*

Tips and Twanks...

4 Winning Online Marketing Tips You Can Implement Today

Upstarts and Alpha DogsDonna FennDonna Fenn... I recently caught up withMichael Mothner, a serial entrepreneur and Internet pioneer who founded his first software company at the age of fourteen (yup, he’s an Upstart!). In 2001, out of his dorm room at Dartmouth College, Mothner founded the online marketing company,Wpromote, where he is currently CEO. The company has been recognized four times byInc. Magazine on its annual Inc. 500|5000 list